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Channel. Mystic. Quantum Healer,

Spirit Council & Raconteur. 

Guiding you from A to be.

Where to begin...


Welcome to my Multidimensional Caffé.

My name is SARAH, I am a Divine Feminine Mystic & Channel. A Quantum Healer, Light Worker, Spiritual Counselor & Artist of Performative Healing.

MY QUEST: To find & help train the new leadership team for the Awakened New Earth. By integrating Metaphysical practices with personal growth & development tools & providing a safe space to express yourself…

I am here to help Guide you back to your most Authentic Self.

The Multidimensional Caffe

Here we QUESTION. The magic, the unknown, the beyond & more. Past Life Tales & the Parables within. Angels & aliens. Witches & wizards. Tales of the magical road. Ascension stories & a life of service. 

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