My name is SARAH & I am here for the Awakening.

I am.

Healer. Light Worker. Alien & Angel. Astrology & Tarot. Artist & Thought Leader.

Your (personal) Raconteur.
Who LIVES for Connection & Communication (& café).

Its tough stuff, this here & now. I know (as I gingerly pat your head...) I know...

Let me hold ya hand...from A to be:

All different beings are drawn to my work & sessions...the BRIGHT & BOLD yet kindest & most compassionate of all. The inherent leaders, no matter their "age". The oldest of souls, the newest of starseeds. The happiest of spirits: I am just so proud of you! Thank you for coming! Thank you for being here & now. I am so grateful for you. Remember above ALL: you are safe.

Let us find the ways to CONNECT you back to YOU. 

Come sit by my fire... & let me spin tales of wonder. Even if you do not yet remember you are here on purpose: you are. You absolutely are.

A video chat about me HERE.

How can I best help?