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Your Alien Friend.


Welcome to my Multidimensional Caffé.


My name is SARAH, I am a Healer, Light Worker, Spiritual Counselor & Artist of Performative Healing. 


MY QUEST: To find & train the new leadership team for the ascended New Earth.

By integrating Metaphysical practices with personal growth & development tools & providing a safe space to express yourself… I am here to help Guide you back to your most Authentic Self.

With over ten years in Leadership, Service, Corporate Life & Training Teams, I now blend my Spiritual Practice INTO my leadership training. Giving you Metaphysical tools to INTEGRATE into your already full life. Your team is looking to you for guidance, your family needs you, but YOU need someone to hold space for YOU (that's me). Your SAFE SPACE in the hectic world you're in. A tent in the battlefield...

I am here for the leaders of the world. I was once "stuck" in the 3D matrix & sometimes we have to play the game. Now let me Guide you back to the most Authentic you that has ever existed. So you can be the King or Queen you TRULY are.



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