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My name is SARAH & I am not from around here. I am a Channel, a Mystic, A Quantum Healer, Light Worker, Spiritual Counselor, Raconteur, Artist, &&&... whatever "words" come to mind, truly. I (really) just AM.


MY QUEST: To find & help guide the new leadership team for the Awakened New Earth.

By integrating Metaphysical practices with personal growth & development tools & providing a safe space to express yourself… I am here to help Guide you back to your most Authentic Self.

My human story takes many a twists & turns. As a Mystic... I CHOSE to go down every rabbit hole, every cul-de-sac, as many spells as I could be under to unwind from: oh I DID it. My soul has been on earth for billions of years & even in THIS human life: I have many a stories to tell. When it comes to what I teach, I feel confident to guide because: I HAVE BEEN THERE. In my practice: we speak from "I" statements. I can only speak to what I have experienced, & it is quite extensive.

I have also spent over eleven years in Leadership, Service, Corporate & Training Teams. Since my full awakening: I now blend my Spiritual Practice WITH my leadership tools. Giving you Metaphysical foundations to INTEGRATE into your already full life. Your team is looking to you for guidance, your family needs you, but YOU need someone to hold space for YOU (that's me). Your SAFE SPACE in the hectic world you're in. A tent in the battlefield.

I am here to help guide you back to authenticity.



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