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21 MAY 2024: **I am being guided to change up my rates & menu moving forward. Please email directly before signing up to the services listed below. Riding the full moon wave this week! Within the month: changes will be made public. Stay tuned. **

Where to begin?! Private sessions look differently for everyone & I like to meet you wherever you are on your path. PROCESSING SESSIONS are $144 and we unpack your current here & now. Please let me know your focus, what your Spiritual, Astrological, or any other WooWoo practice (as of today) looks like & what you are looking to achieve in working together. Nothing is too big or small. I work VERY efficiently & when you're ready to do the work...

I'm ready to work with you.


Warmly & with my whole heart,




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Channeling/Healing Session

I specialize in connection & communication within a quantum space. Let us connect with YOUR guides & help you unpack the most authentic first steps. Blending ALL THINGS SARAH to efficiently process your current reality.



Astrology Chart Reading

Your personalized Astrological Birth Chart Reading overlayed with the current &/or most significant transits & moon cycles activating your chart. After payment, please allow 1-3 days delivery of recording.

$298 (recorded)

$323 live


Tarot Readings

...let's ask the cards! Utilizing the ancient wisdom of the Tarot, we follow the patterns, messages & story the cards are guiding us towards & process together what messages come through.

$222/full $111/ mini

$800/4hr event


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New Moon & Full Moon Workshops Patreon Group!

Every moon cycle you can expect: early access to my introductory videos & what to expect from the energies, ALL SIGNS astrology readings, a channeled message from my Guides, Tarot Reading & so much more!

$10/month (with a FREE 7 day trial)


Birth Chart Basics

Are you new to Astrology? Are you JUST starting to follow the moon & read your own chart? This download is for you! You will recieve two videos to watch as many times as you'd like. Understanding the Houses, Signs & grid & HOW TO: follow the moon. 

***this download is FREE when you become a Patron***


2024 Astrology Forecast & Channeled Messages

My Forecast highlights some of the biggest Astrological days of the year. Where they are falling in each signs chart & some personal predictions for you based on those energies. My Guides offer two channeled messages for you & a lovely healing at the end.

$22 download

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