• Sarah Botticelli

You Know You've Changed When...A Quantum Poem.

“Hey, you’ve changed. You’re not the being I knew you to be when I last saw you.” - Human me to the new ME each morning I wake up nowadays & gaze in the mirror at the STRIKING being I now am. Anew, refreshed…my true SELF.

That’s a quick turnaround, yes. But trust me: as soon as you’ve changed…as soon as you KNOW the real you, there’s no other way to be. Let us dive in...

You. Just Change. You just keep on living & breathing as the new you. You don’t stop to think “HEY! My friends don’t know the real ME, they’re talking to me like the old me, they need to KNOW that I AM NOW THE NEW MEEEEEE!!!

Nope. You just sit and listen and hold space. You respond as the new (real) you would and look at them with loving eyes as they cock their head to one side or the other.

You might read a thought or two (they used to commiserate with me, what is happening?! They’ve smiled at all the nasty things I’ve said about our diva friend, the one they USED to judge away with me WTF?!) you might hear that thought, or see it plastered on their face, yes. But they might not engage with you…you bad ass a new you …you.

You won’t need to race down that dude, that stranger who cut you off in traffic, you wont need the validation I HAD THE RIGHT OF WAY BUDDY IMMA COMING FOR YOU… (metaphorically, yes.) but your mind just wont scurry down the road of the what ifs what you WOULD have said otherwise if he had stopped to hear you.

NO sir NO! Your mind might send him love…or you’ll be too distracted with the gorgeous bird who just few overhead. The one you would have missed, if racing down the highway to tell off that….wait….really? wow…that used to be me. Yes, it did, that used to be me.

You wont yell at the person you love for being imperfect. No sir no! They are GOD having a human experience, in front of you, so YOU are creating the space where they take up. You have formed them to be the person you told God that you deserved. Vibrationally, they are an extension of God which is also you which is also God. So, in the end…isn’t it YOU that you should be upset with over the whatever it is that THEY did that triggered the YOU that is the ego that does not really exist.

SO, shouldn’t we thank them? For showing us some trauma, the stuff we need to work out instead of yelling at another for NOT doing the dishes…or leaving the kitchen cabinet open? Or the cap is off the fucking toothpaste HOW COULD YOU?!

Hey, remember when you were single and PRAYED for someone to be standing there yeah WOW God is so good to me (aka I created a magical being to spend my days with how BLESSED am I to have this human experience?!)

It’s a fun color toothpaste isn’t it just?! The one that’s smeared all over the counter. Remember when you were a wee lass or lad & played with fun color tooth paste & it made you giggle. Give us a giggle & a wiggle in the mirror. A laugh can change the whole room if you let it… don’t cha know.

You know you’ve changed when the world looks like a canvas & a green screen all at the same time. When YOU know that (you) are a fleeting conscious view of the gorgeousness that IS this reality. When you SEE things without seeing them. When you FEEL the pulse of the ONE without judging the way the other humans of the world tie their shoes.

The Real ME. Or the Human that encompasses the real me which is Light. But the Avatar, shes high & happy right here. It was a good day.

When you KNOW that the imperfections of this world are ONLY the manifestations of what our COLLECTIVE consciousness has created: duality. Polarity. Choice. Up. Down. Happy. Sad. Black. White. This. That & all the others there could be in the middle.

YOU (the eye) can see above the (you) Ego that views the view and wants to change it. Since this (you) Ego has no way to settle it MUST find the other side to the this “problem”: aka THAT IS WHAT A BRAIN IS FOR. It Tis a figure out machine. That gorgeous figure out machine it is. Please, be GRATEFUL for the gorgeous figure out machine you’ve been given, do not be mad at it for doing its main function. It’s only function. To “figure IT out”.

We don’t get mad at the lungs for breathing, let us look at the brain when it thinks the things to figure out with the same love & reverence we give to the lungs when they breathe the breath THANK YOU, WE SAY THANK YOU. For the YOU that is in there, deep within there. DEEP within the vessel (human) but at the SAME TIME DEEP within the outer rims of time & space. PAST the sun & the moon & every star.

As close to GOD, whatever He may look like to you. When dust separated and became one & the other. Up & down. Male & female. Light & Dark.

The space beyond time & space. THAT is where YOU are from. But also…deep within this human being. Deep within the heart. Deep within that one little breath you just took.

THAT is you. The real you, & when you discover the YOU that is the real YOU: you don’t need to tell a single soul. For that breath, that single breath, will be: all there needs to be.

Thank you.


Thank you so much!


Sarah Botticelli