• Sarah Botticelli

WAY Past the Point of No Return: FEB 2022

Last month we BUCKLED UP. This month...something is building. Something massive is on the horizon...THAT I know for sure. God is IN THE ROOM. We can feel it, we KNOW it. NONE of us are exempt: we all chose to be human (equal) & get through this with reverence, balance, meditation & stronger boundaries than ever before.

Remember: it is ALWAYS darkest before the dawn. If you feel like you're walking through Hell...KEEP GOING. Do NOT set up shop in Hell, in the darkness, in the guck. KEEP GOING. Sink IN to this new feeling of being as sacred as possible, as being as Divine as you could possibly be. Surrender to how quickly we are ALL changing & growing. If you feel Ancient, it is because you are. If you feel like the only Adult amongst children, it is because you are. They will ALL look to you for guidance. Trust yourSELF above all.

Life has become sacred, without a second thought. Without question! We now must LIVE (not act) like the Kings & Queens we are. Like the Ascended Masters we are. Like the Gods & Goddesses we are. We must LOVE & REVERE each other as the Starseeds, the Light Warriors & Workers. The Multidimensional Beings of Consciousness (LIGHT) we ALL are. We must honor each other BY honoring ourselves.

As we ALL grow & expand, we are learning to give each other the time & space to BE as big as we need to be. As big as we ARE. We are ALL needed on the planet right meow, no more no less. ALL TOGETHER! It's a big task, that I know for sure. But will community, love, kindness & ALLLLL the healthy boundaries you can imagine: we've got this!

So, how are you?! What has been new for you this week?! Tell me all about it!

With Mercury going DIRECT (finally), we will ALL feel the pull forward. Life is about to move incredibly quickly: stay close.


The Patreon Page is LAUNCHED!! I am so exited to share this space with you ALL!! You've got all of February 2022 ready & waiting for you. The Astrology reading for the USA. A Tarot & a Dragon Card pull. Some leadership chats, & so much more!

Our FIRST Sunday Sermons on Saturday is UP! First one was a Drive Time Sermon: take me with you everywhere as I do YOU (& God, but that's the point of the Sermon).

How many ways are we all saying & doing the same MF thing! Let us get to know our neighbor by LOVING & ACCEPTING that they see God differently than we do, but that it is JUST AS BEAUTUFL & PERFECT as the way WE see God.

Available on INSTAGRAM & YOUTUBE. Please remember to FOLLOW & SUBSCRIBE.

WRITING of the Week on Medium: Be a Part of the Painting. An ode to running & to presence. To fighting our inner voice, & showing up for the moment. YOU are needed, just as I, just as they, just as God. We NEED you.

A special piece, I hope you enjoy.

Thank you for taking the time.... To read this. To be here & now (present). TO be your true self, to do the work on yourself, to be as vibrant & healthy & forward thinking as you are. If you wake up with the urgency of 1,000 suns EVERY SINGLE MORNING:

I get it. It'll never go away...I see you. I honor you & I love you to pieces. We signed up for this!! Keep going.



Thank you so much!


Sarah Botticelli