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Sessions will look differently for everyone.

I specialize in connection & communication within a multidimensional space. 

If you are interested in more than one offering, please include this information in your BOOKING EMAIL.



Spiritual Counseling 1:1
60 MINUTES $100.

In your safest of spaces: at HOME. In person or on the telephone.

I am looking forward to helping you find safety & connection wherever you are on your awakening journey.


Astrology Chart Reading
60 MINUTES $100.

An Astrological Chart (aka Birth / Natal Chart) is the exact, unique collection of energies that make you...YOU.

Your Consciousness CHOSE this to be your Map, the moment you were born.

I am here to interoperate these energies with you, help you understand this map yourself & teach you how to utilize this tool towards your greatest good on a regular basis.


Full Moon Healing
60 MINUTES $100.

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Tarot Reading
60 MINUTES $100.

Let us deep dive into the Tarot & ask your specific questions to help you make informed decisions moving forward in the 3D world. Utilizing this ancient tool of patterns, numbers & deep angelic wisdom. The energy of the archetypes & the vibrations of the story they are trying to tell you help our minds expand & see BEYOND the cards, into our greatest future. 


New Moon Reading
60 MINUTES $100.

Set yourself up for success! Here we lay out your Natal Chart & cast the current planets over it. Where can we plant seeds of goodness? 


2X 30 or 60 MINUTE/MO.
30MIN $100. 60MIN $200.
Subscribe monthly save 10%

Twice a week, right before the NEW MOONS & FULL MOONS, we will:

Go over your Natal Astrology Chart & discuss how the current planets are blending together. These programs are SO SPECIFIC. We blend all aspects of the self moving forward. 

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Robb Walters

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