• Sarah Botticelli

2022. Day IX. Buckle Up.

Things are moving QUICKLY. Hang on tight everyone...it's going to be a WILD ride! Does it feel like it has been IX YEARS & not IX days? What I've noticed is that I myself & other beings in my community have become more of sacred, energetic being...more so than Human. Welp, ALWAYS Human first, but the integration of all the ME's we are, first thing in the morning, & mid day, as well as at night....

For me...it's actually become close to impossible to ignore a deep meditative practice, or at the very least an integration of DEEP rest. Whatever that looks like each few days. I find incredible productivity! & feel like I could fly that evening! But then the rest days would take me down, tell me that I wasn't creating anything so I wasn't MYSELF anything.

My sister gave me a lovely perspective: if we know all things are energy. Then look at SUCCESS as its own energy & feel into what it feels like. Then focus on feeling THAT at the end of each day, & not having it be created by pressing the button POST.

A FEW Qs for YOU:

- What has already changed in your life from 2022 day I to day IX? - Is there anything specific you're keen to learn or accomplish this year? - How can I best support you in achieving your goals in 2022?

- In the midst of certain change, what CAN we define as SAFETY?

Remember: REST is one key ingredient we ALWAYS seem to forget, so as we Yang, remember (always) or at the very least once a week, to Yin.

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I see & love & honor you ALL!!




Thank you so much!


Sarah Botticelli